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U.N.'s new prominent post

U.N. should create office to oversee richest nations and not LDCs

ProutWorld leader
In spite of the fact the the world's rich nations continue to ignore their prominent role in making the world's poor even poorer, the U.N. is creating a new high-ranking post whose functions include overseeing the plight of the 49 least developed countries (LDCs).

In our view it is the rich that needs to be overlooked and made to change their ways. Only when global policies are changed from promoting unrestricted market liberalism to focus on local growth, the poor may be free to start developing policies and mechanisms that would secure their control over their local economic and other resources.

Instead of trying to monitor an already hopeless situation in the poor countries, the U.N. should make a bold move to restrict the powerful capital forces of rich countries from staying out of and indeed refrain from taking advantage of the world market's poor and resourceless.

Only a bottom-up approach of securing and fortifying local economic control and strengthening local socio-cultural fabric will generate welfare for the masses of the LDCs. There is nothing in the new UN approach that speaks of such a vision for a new morning for the LDCs.

Rather, we fear that the new functioning of monitoring the lesser developed countries from up above in New York will only fortify and strengthen WB and IMF resolve to turn LDC market potential into suitable chops of tender lamb for the ever-voracious rich nations. We are sure little will be done to strengthen local resource control and socio-economic integrity of the LDCs themselves.

In a report released last April, UNCTAD said the world's richest nations continue to renege on their pledges to provide increased development aid and debt relief to LDCs.

Besides LDCs, the High Representative to be appointed by U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan will also oversee the world's land-locked developing countries and small-island developing states, IPS reports. There is some overlap among the three categories of country.

The first High Representative is very likely to be from one of the LDCs although though several Western countries have staked claims on the job, which comes with an annual salary of more than 151,000 dollars. (END)

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